Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Greens, Fruit, Nut & Veggie Salad with Yogurt & Honey Dressing

Eating vegetables raw is good as they retain the optimum nutrients required for the body. Cooking or over cooking leads to lose of nutrients, so try to include atleast one raw vegetable in your diet every day.
Salads are a good way to include raw vegetables in the diet. This is a very easy to make salad, the addition of fruits and nuts add lot of taste and make it very interesting to eat.

I had two cups of Organic Spring mix left out, a carrot,  bell pepper, half orange, a carrot and half an apple. Added handful of pistachio and sliced almonds and raisins. Addition of yogurt and honey made this salad taste almost like a dessert. Toss everything together and enjoy.

Preparation Time - 10 Minutes
Cooking Time - Nil
Serves - 2


Organic Spring Mix ( Baby Lettuces, Baby Greens, Endive, Radicchio) - 2 Cups
Organic Carrot - 1
Chopped bell pepper - 1/4 Cup
Chopped apple - 1/2
Diced Oranges - 1/2
Pistachio and Sliced Almonds - Handful
Raisins - Handful


Thick Yogurt - 1/4 Cup
Olive Oil - 1 Tbsp
Honey - 1/2 Tbsp
Orange Juice - 1 Tbsp


1) Add all the dressing ingredients in a shaker or container and shake it to mix well.

2) In a big bowl, add all the salad ingredients and add the dressing, toss, chill and serve.

Note - If you are looking for a salad for a person on diabetic diet, exclude carrots, raisins, apple and orange. Add cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and go for Balsamic Vinaigrette as salad dressing. But substitute the sugar in the salad dressing with Xylitol. Will post later on how to make Balsamic Vinaigrette at home.


1) This goes to Only Salads hosted by Chef and her Kitchen an event started by Pari.

3) This salad goes to The Seasonal Sundal event.


Priya said...

Woww thats a great looking yummy salad.

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious salad thank you for linking

Brittany @Real Sustenance said...

This Looks WONDERFUL! And I am LOVING your site. Thanks so much for participating in this weeks Seasonal Sunday :) Hope to see more recipes in the future!
xo, Brittany

Medifast Coupons said...

Wow is right! This is a very nice looking salad, and yeah would have the flavors of a dessert. Thanks for a great salad idea.

Suchi said...

loved the salad and the dressing is impressive- yum!

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