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If you are looking for Vegetarian recipes from scratch, you have landed in the right place. 

There are lot of people who run into health complications and the body denies to process tempting good for mouth simple Carbs.  Once you or your family members have these problems, the whole life style of the family changes. This is my online diary of those recipes, tried, tested and clicked in my kitchen. This is a beginning of a journey and each and everyday I learn something new and share the same with you all.  This journey is introducing my family including my kids to different healthy foods - teaching them at a young age to make healthier food choices, they learn from what they see and what their parents eat. I am proud when my kids eat Quinoa, Brown Rice, Hemp Protein, choose Steamed Kale, Sauteed Asparagus for Snacks without any fuss. (Except for occasional indulgences). 

I am sure there are lot more people out there, looking for similar recipe ideas and I am glad if my recipes are used as a reference. So if you are looking for recipes with no processed Sugar, no refined flours, only whole grains, low carb, some gluten free, grain free. I am sure you will find a lot of them here. If you think my recipes did help you out, I will be glad to hear your comments. Hope you enjoy browsing through this site, any questions please feel free to contact me.

My every day recipes are from scratch and good for you food. Except for occasional indulgences or the recipes I prepare for people who are fine with processed and refined stuff.

I was a co author in A2ZVegetarianCuisine and you will find all my healthy recipes I had contributed over there in here too. After that was Sensibleveg and due to personal reasons I wasn't able to blog for few years and in the mean time, my domain registration had expired. All the recipes I had created were just lying without any access for anyone., Because of few of my friends request I decided to publish all my recipes in a new blog URL and that's how Relishveg was born. Will promise to blog when ever I can.


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