Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cook Eat Delicious Dessert – Desserts without refined sugar or flour round up and the winner is


Madhu of Madhur’s recipe and the winning entry is Granny Smith Apple Crisp . Congrats Madhu and you will be getting your book soon from Raven.

Thanks once again Raven for giving me a chance to host the Cook Eat Delicious Dessert Event. It surely was lot of fun. Thanks every one who had sent in your entries. I am going to surely try all these delicious desserts one by one and I am sure many of you will do so.

Once again I would like to mention the rule of the event “ Desserts made without any eggs and gelatin and not using any “REFINED SUGAR” and refined flour. So there were couple of more entries which I got but  since it didn’t fit in the rules of the event, sorry I couldn’t post them.


Thinking of desserts how about some Gulkand-e-khaas, Apple Candied Salad, Black berry Coulis, Strawberry banana smoothie, Fruit Salad with honey lime dressing, Banana Coconut Milk Ice Cream?

Interested Click on the pictures to check out the recipe.

gulkand-e-khaas appleandcandiedsalad
blackberrycoulisnyogurt strawberrybananasmoothie
fruitsaladwithhoneylimedressing coconutmilkbananaicecream

Desserts with Jaggery/Panela as Sweetener

With jaggery as a sweetener the options are unlimited, next time when you crave for some thing sweet try one of this Oats payasam, Sweet Potato Dumplings, Ragi Pudding, Ulundu Kali, Soft Sesame Fudge, Cashew nut balls, Cracked Wheat and Corn Payasam, Aval Payasam, Peanut Ladoo, Jackfruit Pancake, Coconut Ladoo, Banana Thekua, Channa Dal Halwa, Undan Pori, Brown banana muffin, Appam with whole wheat flour, Healthy ground rice balls and Payatham Paruppu Payasam.

Tempted, I am sure. Click on the images to check out the recipes.

oatspayasam sweetpotatodumplings
ragipudding Ulundukali
softsesamefudge cashewnutballs
Crackedwheatandcornpayasam avalpayasam
peanutladoo Jackfruitpancake
Coconutladoo bananathekua
Channadalhalwa undanpori
brownbananamuffins appamwithwheatflour
Healthygroundriceballs payathamparuppupayasam


Desserts with Palm Sugar as Sweetener

Palm sugar is lower in glycemic index – so when you are counting carbs but want to eat something sweet check out the Granny Smith Apple Crisp, Mawa burfi, Oats Almond Raisin Cookies, Strawberry Choco Chip Cookies.

Grannysmithapplecrisp mawaburfi
Oatsalmondscoconutraisincookies Strawberrychocochipcookies

Desserts with Dry Fruits – Dates, Fig etc as Sweetener

Love something sweet but concerned with cavities – do try the Sandesh, Oats energy bar, Healthy Sesame balls, Beets halwa, No bake almond bars, Sarahs Raw brownie or the date fudge.

Sandesh Oatsenergybar
HealthySesameBalls BeetsHalwa
nobakealmondbars Sarahsrawbrownie

Desserts with Maple Syrup as Sweetener

Looking for vegan sweet something then try out these Avocado Chocolate Pudding or vegan granola bars.

Healthychocolatepudding vegangranolabars

Desserts with Agave, Stevia and Xylitol as Sweetener

Stevia and Xylitol or safe for people with diabetes. So try this without any guilt.

Strawberrytofucheesecake Strawberryparfait

And finally how about a Fruit Kebab for dessert?



Vimitha Anand said...

Loved participating in such a healthy event... Nice collection dear

Rasi said...

lovely round up... there are so many health alternative.. wow :)

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Vidhya said...

Lovely roundup I wanted to participate and tried making some desserts without refined sugar but they didn't turn out as I expected.Happy to see some tried and tested recipes for trying.

Julie said...

Lovely roundup,Sadhana..Sorry I missed this event:-(
Erivum Puliyum

Kalyani said...

lovely and healthy roundup.

Daksha said...

Healthy and nice roundup...missed this event..Next time sure:).

SouthIndianHome said...

Delicious and healthy recipes

Sravs said...

Awesome roundup with wonderful recipes !!

Ongoing event
CC:Spring Seasonal Food

Hema said...

Nice roundup and some wonderful recipes..

Uma said...

Nice collection of healthy recipes.

Indulge said...

Nice roundup and wonderful desserts.

Love Ash.

Archana said...

Lovely collection dear. Great roundup

Swathi Iyer said...

Nice roundup Sadhana.

janet @ the taste space said...

Delicious, healthy round-up: my favourite kind! Thanks for hosting!

Asmita said...

What a great roundup. Love it!

Prabha Mani said...

Wow...great looking Collection!!Am happy that i participated in your event :)

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Priya said...

Wat a healthy and wonderful roundup, unfortunately i missed it coz of my surgery and long rest;;

Gayathri Anand said...

Loved this event ...and thanks for the round up ...got new recipes...

Alessandra said...

Nice round up, and congratulations to the winner :-). Sorry I didn't enter, I hadn't been on the blog too much recently (I will start again) and didn't see your message!

Happy Easter

BurntApple said...

Thank you for hosting this! I had so much fun participating and even more fun finding more recipes for my treats! :) (I have a major sweet tooth).

Vardhini said...

Lovely roundup Sadhana. Healthy desserts.


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