Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ragi Sweet Appam


Finger millet is actually a seed which is much more superior to rice or wheat in
nutritional terms, providing highest levels of calcium,antioxidants, phytochemicals and high
levels of dietary fiber which makes it easy and slowly digestible. This slow digestion is very useful for
people with diabetes as it does not cause any sugar highs. The bulkiness of the fiber and the slower
digestion rate makes us feel fuller for a longer time. Black Chick Pea & Green Mung bean are very
good source of protein, iron and dietary fiber. This is very ideal for carb watchers, kids and people
on gluten free diet.

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 10 to 15 Minutes

Serves - 2


Finger Millet(Ragi Flour) – 6 oz

Whole Green Mung Bean Flour – 2 oz

Whole Black Chick Pea Flour – 2 oz

Jaggery powder - 1/3 cup or to taste

Banana – 1

Elaichi powder – pinch

Coconut(Small Chopped pieces not grated) - 1 heaped Table spoon

Salt – pinch


Oil/Ghee(Clarified butter) - 2 tsps

Powdered Chia/Rice Flour – 1 Tbsp (This addition is to prevent the batter from sticking to

your cook ware, Chia and rice flour both will do its job perfectly)


1) Add little bit of water to the jaggery and heat it till all the jaggery dissolves. Switch off and let this

cool for few minutes.

2) Meanwhile slice the banana and make a puree and add it to the jaggery.

3) Add elaichi powder, salt and the coconut pieces to the dissolved jaggery.

4) Now combine all the three flours and add the jaggery mixture to this and add enough water to make

Idli batter consistency and add the powdered chia.

5) Heat the appam pan and add drops of oil in each of them and then pour the batter. Cover it and

let it cook till one side is completely cooked.

6) Now turn it and leave till the other side is cooked.

7) Serve it hot and enjoy.


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